My GTD Products

In this webshop you will be able to purchase my GTD/Productivity related products, such as ebooks and templates. For questions and remarks about these products contact me as usual at gtd [at] marvelz [dot] com.

Note: All payments are handled by Relaxed Control through PayPal. Products will be available for download immediately after a successful payment.

GTD Worksheets
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GTD Worksheets
(version: Feb 23, 2008; PDF, 14 pages)
$9.95 (USD)

Special offer! Buy my ebook with all the best blogs posts from 2007 and get these GTD worksheets for free!

Create or enhance your paper-based GTD system with these hand-crafted GTD worksheets! Print these worksheets on any kind of paper in any size you require. Worksheets included in this version:

  • GTD workflow overview (diagram)
  • Calendar 2008 – 1 page overview
  • Calendar 2009 – 1 page overview
  • Next Actions list (2 different styles)
  • Waiting For list
  • Projects list (4 different styles)
  • Someday/Maybe list
  • Empty list (general purpose)
  • Mindmap template (for brainstorming, project planning)

If you have special requirements or wishes for a GTD worksheet, please contact me directly at gtd [at] marvelz [dot] com to discuss the possibilities.

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Best Blog Posts Final Edition 2007
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The Best Blog Posts of my GTD blog
(2007, Final Edition, PDF, 38 articles, 112 pages, bonus: free GTD worksheets!)
$25 (USD)

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GTD System for ListPro
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ListPro GTD System v1.0 [Aug 07, 2007]
(template for Iliumsoft ListPro 4.1/5.0)
$5 (USD)

Contains optimized lists for: Next Actions, Waiting Fors, Someday/Maybes, Projects, Tickler File, Reference System Index, GTD Workflow and Weekly Review Checklist.

Feel free to test the simplified, free version before upgrading to this full version.