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RSS feed Getting Things Done
The Focus on Now and the Power of Action
When Will My Next Action List Be Empty?
Top 10 of Top 10 GTD Lists
10 Useful Tips for Optimizing...
Ebook ? Best Blog Posts 2007, Final...
RSS feed Did I Get Things Done? / GTD general
Sparrow Mac Mail App
Productivity, Motivation, and Personal...
Tricking out Your OmniFocus Perspectives
Productivity, Motivation, and Personal...
Productivity, Motivation, and Personal...
RSS feed GearFire / GTD
DIY Filofax Personal Organizer
Summer ? Surefire Ways to Prepare for...
Exam Prep for the Visual Learner
7 Reasons Why I Love OmniFocus (and Why...
My Tools for Getting Stuff Done
RSS feed Geeks Guide to GTD
Restoring Sanity To Your Inbox
The 6 Best Office Chairs?
How To Stop Google & Facebook From...
Worlds Ugliest Mouse?
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RSS feed Hidden Dragon BizBlog / GTD
A New Calendar Contest!
Thoughts on Email
Six Tips for Getting More Done
GTD Cafe: Writing it Down- Paper or...
David Developed GTD Because?
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RSS feed Lifehacker / GTD
Lifehacker Confessions: Your...
Remember the Milk's Co-Founder on the...
RSS feed / GTD
A Day in the Life of a Lifehack Writer?
32 Quotes That Helped Me Become An...
5 Deceptive Habits that are Actually...
7 Ways To Get A Whole Lot of Things...
10 one-minute time hacks that will make...
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GTD Worksheets

Special offer! Buy my ebook with all the best blogs posts from 2007 and get these GTD worksheets for free! I’ve recently created some handy GTD worksheets that are perfectly suited for creating or enhancing your own paper-based or hybrid GTD system. They are handcrafted by me based on my own experiences with paper-based GTD [...]

Do you ever have days when you don’t really accomplish a whole lot? You know what I mean, you’re sitting at your desk and your mind wanders off. You idly check your email and your favorite websites for the tenth time today and you don’t feel like doing anything useful at all. Or you’re driving [...]

Random GTD quote
The goal for managing horizontally and vertically is the same: to get things off your mind and get things done. Appropriate action management lets you feel comfortable and in control as you move through your broad spectrum of work and life, while appropriate project focusing gets you clear about and on track with the specifics needed.

Quote from the book "Getting Things Done - The Art of Stress-Free Productivity" by David Allen (page 21).
Copyright © David Allen, 2001. All rights reserved.
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RSS feed [pt] Além das Curvas' Blog / GTD  [translate]
Sistemas de Organização Pessoal
Dica: Zen Habits
GTD X Estudos
Fluxo de trabalho - como o GTD acontece
Só o palmtop não basta
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RSS feed [pt] Canto da Lu / GTD  [translate]
Agenda 2011 - Travessa Cicero Sketch...
Preguiçoso ou procrastinador?
Productive Magazine
Escritório organizado e cheio de charme
RSS feed Cranking Widgets / GTD
? Randy Murray on Not Being Responsible...
? How to Help Great Productivity Blogs...
? My Scandelous Confession and A Royal...
? Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow
? Productivity Systems Don?t Suck, But...
RSS feed Creativityist / GTD
how a $.99 iphone app led me to an...
contexts: writing
contexts: weekly review
thinking about contexts
omnifocus or things?
RSS feed [fr] doesNotUnderstand  [translate]
Traduction en français de GTD Mastery...
iCommit v3 n?aura pas lieu
Présentation ?Inbox Zero? par Merlin...
Compte-rendu réunion GTD à Paris
Réunion GTD-fr sur Paris
RSS feed [de] Durchblickerblog / GTD  [translate]
Produktiv am Pocket PC: GTD mit Windows...
Schnelles Online GTD-Tool: ExtGTD
Kreative Chaoten brauchen Abwechslung
GTD mit Microsoft Outlook ? neues Jello...
Schluss mit Aufschieben!
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RSS feed [es] El Canasto / GTD  [translate]
? La lista de proyectos como recurso...
? Buenas prácticas para capturar
? GTD: un camino de transformación
? Cómo planificar en tiempos líquidos
? Optimizando la atención en entornos...
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RSS feed Genuine Curiosity / GTD
RSS feed Greywolf's Journal / GTD
RSS feed GTD in Academia / GTD
What is the likelihood you will...
Ask GTDA: using subject lines as the...
Keep your writing on schedule
Bunch your obligations-earn yourself a...
Five sensible steps to increase your...
RSS feed GTDrawings
Open-Source GTD and Project Management...
Task Unifier
Mark Forster, getting everything done...
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RSS feed Hack the Day / GTD
From laptop to the tablet/phone: 5 FREE...
On Information Gathering and Archiving
From the email bin
How to read 728 new feed articles in...
Top links list for a Productive Desktop
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RSS feed Ian's Messy Desk / GTD
Procrastination is not a joke
How to be Productive While Waiting
Fifty Ways to Take Notes
3 Tips to Eliminate Management by Crisis
10 Resources to Help Overcome...
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RSS feed Juggling Frogs / GTD
Oven Scheduler (free download form to...
5769/2008 Holiday menu planners
Trust but Verify (or: I have a mind...
Quick Rolodex-compatible file
3x5 Rolodex-compatible folder
RSS feed Juggling Sheep / GTD
The Science of Productivity.
Reading on My iPhone
Spouses Working and Resting in Sync
David Allen - 45 Minutes of GTD
Efficiency v. Effectiveness - CAGEMATCH!
RSS feed [fr] Julien Henzelin / GTD  [translate]
David Allen parle à propos du Office 2.0
GTD : David Allen chez Google pour un...
RSS feed KnowledgeCraft / GTD
Clear priorities straightened out my...
A simpler autofocused productivity...
OmniFocus tips ? Tweak your OmniFocus...
Two Minute GTD timer for MAC
Stop doing half-actions
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RSS feed LifeDev / GTD
Open Thread: What?s Your Organizational...
9 Reasons Why You SHOULD Adopt GTD
Haiku Review: Things Task Management...
Are Your Action Steps Too Complex? Or...
Use Completed Task Lists As Motivators...
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RSS feed [fr] LifeManiac / GTD  [translate]
Invitations pour
S?organiser pour réussir: Getting...
15 astuces pour gagner du temps.
Feeddemon & NewsGator deviennent...
5 façons de bien commencer 08?
RSS feed Lifemuncher / GTD
GTD's starting to bore
Rob Long is a GTDer
Interesting ideas and tips from the...
Do It Tomorrow
One Bucket to Rule Them All
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RSS feed Matt's Idea Blog / GTD
A Blast from the past & A little...
Extreme GTD: How low can you go (or:...
Bloke redux, the 15 minute emergency...
What the heck *is* productivity all...
Where are you going? Use your actions...
RSS feed Nuance Labs / GTD
Problem Solving Strategies Requires...
Following a Productive Meme
When is it Time to Take the Plunge?
Focus & Planning, The Answer to...
The Importance of Managing Self
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RSS feed Productivity Online
(Jott from Ryan Stewart) [no...
Kyoto Circa Rings
Jott and Privacy Concerns

RSS feed Productivity Workflows / GTD
Correcting language mistakes on...
Thinking of closing my Facebook...
Using Twitter in Teaching?
How to Twitter (for Researchers)...
Rethinking my web presence
RSS feed Quadrant IV / GTD
A changing of the guard
Inbox Zero ? no longer a dream for me
GTD Reboot
Easter reading
Task: deal with my tasks
RSS feed searching4arcadia / GTD
Polder Timer- Time Crutch for the...
GTD, Now Habit, 7-Habits Update: The...
Going Postal? (why GTD)
Beware kGTD!
3×5?s As A Capture Tool?
RSS feed Setting Contexts / GTD
Bigger Isn?t Always Better ?...
Feeling Nostalgic ? Franklin Covey
TaskPaper 2.0 Released
TaskPaper: A Deceptively Simple To-Do...
From What?s The Next Action: David...
RSS feed Slacker Manager / GTD
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RSS feed Steve Pavlina's blog / GTD
How to Build a Strong Work Ethic
Conserving Mental Energy
Speed Up!
How Many Days Can You Go Without...
RSS feed [it] / GTD  [translate]
Articoli sul GTD
GTD: Natara Bonsai per Windows Mobile
Getting Things Done: il mio sistema...
Getting Things Done: il mio sistema...
Getting Things Done: il mio sistema...
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RSS feed [de] tautoko / GTD  [translate]
David Allen und die physikalische Inbox
Im ewigen Auftrag der Produktivität
Mit GTD im Radio bei Trackback
Artikel bei imgriff in KW23
Artikel bei imgriff in KW22
RSS feed [es] Tecnología Eficaz / GTD  [translate]
Auto-Evaluación -- ¿Cómo me va con GTD?
Toma tu test GTD
Tu Asistente Ejecutivo: ¡Tu Mismo!
Outlook GTD -- Implemente GTD en...
Outlook GTD -- Con Outlook 2007
RSS feed The Efficient MD / GTD
Evernote for Doctors Revisited: Privacy...
100+ Tips for Being On Call in the...
About The Efficient MD
The Life Hacks for Doctors Slideshow
"Swivel Clip Copy Holder Mounts On...
RSS feed To Do or Else
What the youngsters are up to and why...
"So why no posts, Bob?"
Slam job
A small, tiny favor to ask: vote for me.
Time for a hiatus.
RSS feed Trying to Get Things Done
Chris' New Blog
ttGTU = Success
ttGTD = ttGTU
The new [white belt] on the block
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How to Write a Speech in 5 Minutes
Randomness, Virtualisation and Getting...
It?s the User Experience as much as the...
Never Loose Your Voice Again ? It?s...
Happenstance and productivity
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RSS feed 7Breaths / GTD
Might wanna do when?
Problems with Results Manager &...
GTD Connect Free Trial
Mondays Done
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Feb 28, 2007

Brett Kelly of "The Cranking Widgets Blog"
is interviewed by Michael Ramm of "Black Belt Productivity"

Nothing like overstating the obvious, but spending too much time tweaking your system can seriously undermine your overall productivity.
Feb 18, 2007

Frank Meeuwsen of "What's the next action"
is interviewed by Brett Kelly of "The Cranking Widget Blog"

I found out for myself that it really doesn’t matter how you work the system, as long as you stay true to the five phases of GTD and you make sure you trust your system with all your heart.
Feb 15, 2007

Glen Stansberry of "LifeDev"
is interviewed by Brett Kelly of "The Cranking Widget Blog"

David Allen didn’t pick up an inbox one day at Staples and suddenly become a productivity ninja. Just keep that in mind.
Feb 27, 2007

Jason Echols of "Black Belt Productivity"
is interviewed by Brett Kelly of "The Cranking Widget Blog"

Adopting GTD has added to the quality of my life by making the time I spend with those who are important to me more meaningful.
Jun 06, 2007

Leo Babauta of "Zen Habits"
is interviewed by gtdfrk of "Getting Things Done Blog"

The key to productivity, for me, has been simplifying. I simplify my to-do list to three things a day, and when I do those things, I really focus on them, eliminating all distractions.
Mar 08, 2007

Matthew Cornell of "Matt's Idea Blog"
is interviewed by Brett Kelly of "The Cranking Widget Blog"

Switching organizing tools is not too hard to do, but forming the new habits - that’s the challenge.
Feb 26, 2007

Michael Ramm of "Black Belt Productivity"
is interviewed by Brett Kelly of "The Cranking Widget Blog"

There is no Golden GTD Way. The way that David Allen does it is vastly different than the way that I do it...but we are both more productive because of it.
Brett Kelly Frank Meeuwsen Glen Stansberry
Jason Echols Leo Babauta Matthew Cornell
Michael Ramm Know any interesting GTD interview?
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Know any interesting GTD interview?
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