Free Stuff

Free (simplified) version of my GTD System for ListPro (only Next Actions and Someday/Maybe list)
For all essential GTD items (including Tickler, Workflow overview, Weekly review checklist and more), purchase the Pro version of my GTD System (template) for ListPro.

Example of a checklist for your GTD Weekly Review session
Described in more detail, right here. Please note that this checklist is adapted to my GTD system. Your mileage may vary, and the checklist will continue to evolve.

GTD System for Excel v1.0 [071028] (free “as is” version)
For a general introduction see here. Please note that this product is highly experimental and far from finished. Read all warning and usage texts in the Excel sheet itself. Use at your own risk! NO SUPPORT.
NOTE: when opening the Excel sheet, you probably get asked 2 security questions. You have to ALLOW macros and do NOT open read-only!