Protect Your GTD System


Protect Your GTD SystemAs a true GTDer you (should) have captured “everything” from your personal and professional life into your GTD system of choice. That includes actions, current projects, future projects, dreams, and so on. If your GTD system is anything like mine, it doesn’t only contain general, neutral information, but also sensitive and private information.

Did you ever think about protecting your GTD system to prevent this collection of private information from falling into the wrong hands? Do you want to know how to do this?

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GTD Tumblelog


TumblrI recently discovered something called a tumblelog and an online service that offers these tumblelogs for free. So, I decided to start my own tumblelog to accompany this blog, where I will put everything concerning productivity/GTD that could be interesting to my readers (and to myself of course) but doesn’t warrant a full blog post (yet). This could be a hyperlink, a photo, a quote or whatever.

If you’re interested then check out my tumblelog at and/or add it to your favorite RSS feed reader to keep informed about new additions.