My former GTD system – and why I abandoned it!


Almost everybody who starts with Getting Things Done, will struggle with at least two things:

  • implementing GTD and keeping it going on a day-to-day basis;
  • finding the right GTD tools and using them consistently.

I am certainly no exception to these two points. In only a couple of months since I started Getting Things Done, I think I must have tried close to 10 digital and/or analog GTD tools. The digital GTD tools I have used will be featured in another blog entry, along with the (dis)advantages of using them. One of the analog GTD systems I settled on fairly quickly after starting my GTD adventure is described in the rest of this blog entry, also stating the reasons why I am not using it anymore.

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Implementing GTD with Excel


Update Oct 28, 2007: Check out my Free Stuff page for a free, “as is” version of my GTD System for Excel. Use at your own risk. Read all warning and usage texts in the Excel sheet itself. You have been warned! NO SUPPORT for this version. Updates and more stable, commercial versions may follow. Feedback is appreciated.

Update Aug 03, 2007: I’ve stopped using my Excel sheet for GTD about 3 months ago as I’m using a PDA with ListPro as the core of my GTD system at the moment. I’ve decided to release a free, “as is” version of the Excel sheet. I need to brush it up a little first. If you don’t see it appearing for download on my site in, say, a couple of weeks, then remind me nicely :)

Update Mar 18, 2007: This article describes my current GTD system in words and pictures. At this moment there is no downloadable Excel sheet! If this changes, my blog readers will be the first to know. See the comments section of this post for further discussion.

It is perfectly possible to implement GTD in Excel. In fact, I think Excel is a perfect tool for many purposes. Using a combination of built-in Excel formulas and my own custom made VBA code, I have implemented a basic GTD system for myself. It is in fact an ongoing project, but I am using the system successfully every day.

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