Ebook – Best Blog Posts 2007, Final Edition

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Best Blog Posts 2007, Final EditionRecently I silently added my ebook “The Best Blog Posts of Getting Things Done, Final Edition 2007” to my online shop. However, I didn’t want to let this occasion pass completely unnoticed.

This 112 page ebook contains nearly 40 of my very best GTD blog posts from 2007. As a special bonus it includes my set of GTD worksheets for free!
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Interview with Stephen Covey


OK, this is getting weird. This weekend I have read 2 interviews with 2 of my “heroes”. Yesterday I found an interview with David Allen on Web Worker Daily and today I found that Stephen Covey has been interviewed by Leo from zenhabits.net! What I like about both interviews is that they do not repeat the same old questions but rather focus on an original approach, making for a much more interesting read. Enjoy!

Interview with David Allen

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Bob Walsh has just posted the first part of an interview with David Allen on Web Worker Daily. The interview (so far) is an interesting read because it doesn’t only focus on GTD, but also on health and stress. The second part of the interview will be posted tomorrow. Check it out!
Update: part three is here.

Future of this GTD Blog + Poll Results + New Poll


About 10 days ago I added a reader poll widget to the sidebar of this blog. I thought I’d give you an overview of the first poll question, the results of the poll and the reason for asking this particular question in the first place. I also want to share some ideas I have about the future of this GTD blog.

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Sure Way to Earn up to $70


Earn CashUpdate Sep 1, 2007: this promotion experiment has ended. Reviews of my site are welcome but there’s no money to be earned from it! Here is a list of all reviews.

About 1 week ago I started an experiment for 2 main reasons: to celebrate the fact that I’ve reached 1000 subscribers and to spread the word about my GTD site.

In short, the experiment was to reach out to my fellow bloggers and ask them to write an honest review about my site in exchange for cash. And it’s not even a contest, it’s a sure way to earn cash!

Guess how many responses I got? Exactly zero! So, I must be doing something wrong or every blogger out there is too busy or too rich to be interested in such an experiment. I wish I could find a way to extend the experiment to readers without a blog… I’m sorry!

Anyway, I’ve decided to give my little experiment one final chance. Let’s up the ante a little bit, shall we. My original blog post remains the main reference for this experiment concerning details and rules, etc. What I’ve changed is which blogger can earn what kind of money:

100 – 499 (RSS feed subscribers): $5 $7.50
500 – 999: $10 $15
1000 – 4999: $25 $30
5000 – 9999: $25 $40
10000+: $50 $70

A link back to your site is guaranteed as well. Good luck and don’t forget to read the rules first!

Automated Nagging with PingMe


PingMe may be a useful service for those of you using a GTD system (perhaps paper-based) without suitable reminder functionality, especially when you are on the road.

Creating, receiving, sharing and renegotiating reminders (Pings) are all possible according to the PingMe website:

“PingMe takes a unique approach to keeping track of things you need to do – it’s mobile and interactive. Just create a Ping, set a date and you’ll receive a reminder by E-mail or TXT to your phone. Not a good time? Pings are interactive! Just reply to the message to reschedule for a later date or time. You can even create new Pings on-the-fly from your mobile device, or tag your Pings to create contextual to-do lists. Pings are also social! Our new contacts system allows you to share, send and receive pings with other users. Coordinate tasks and collaborate with friends, family, and colleagues while staying flexible and in-touch.”


To read more about this:

Let us know if and how you are able to successfully apply this to your current GTD system!

4 New GTD Apps on the Block


New GTD applications sometimes seem to be released on a daily basis. I can hardly keep up with adding all of them to my GTD Index! I certainly cannot find the time to properly test and review all of them.

So, for the curious: here is a quick list of 4 new GTD applications currently in various stages of development you may want to keep an eye on. If you’re looking for a new GTD application, that is… and aren’t we all? :)

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