Sorry, I simply couldn’t resist publishing this article. You may have noticed that I’m a big fan of top 10 lists; in fact, my previous post was a top 10 list… and this post is a top 10 list as well! ;)

So, just for fun I compiled a top 10 list of top 10 GTD lists! Doing a quick search on the internet, I was pleasantly surprised that almost half of these top 10 lists are actually written by me. In reality, there really are some gems in these lists, so enjoy!

Top 10 of Top 10 GTD Lists

(actually in no particular order)

  1. 10 Simple Tips to Start Getting Things Done
  2. The Top 10 GTD & Productivity Sites/Blogs
  3. 10 Tips For Pruning Your Next Action List
  4. My top 10 GTD tips
  5. Top 10 Benefits Of GTD
  6. Top Ten Signs You’re a GTD Disciple
  7. 10 GTD Jargons that every GTD Afficiando knows and loves [sic]
  8. 10 Useful Tips for Optimizing Ubiquitous Capture
  9. GTD Top Ten Tips
  10. 10 Beginner Behaviors

Do you know any other great top 10 GTD lists? Share them with us in the comments!