Best Blog Posts 2007, Final EditionRecently I silently added my ebook “The Best Blog Posts of Getting Things Done, Final Edition 2007” to my online shop. However, I didn’t want to let this occasion pass completely unnoticed.

This 112 page ebook contains nearly 40 of my very best GTD blog posts from 2007. As a special bonus it includes my set of GTD worksheets for free!

Now why on earth would you buy this ebook when you can read all of the posts right here for free?
Let me answer that question with the following 11 good reasons why you should purchase this ebook:

  1. Read my best posts offline in one document
  2. Handy PDF document: portable and easily printable
  3. Most valuable posts hand picked by the author (me!)
  4. Find specific content easily (chronological, alphabetical and by topic)
  5. Easy reference and backup
  6. Always access to these articles even if the online version would be gone somehow
  7. Internal and external (hyper)links are all working
  8. No ads or other distractions in blog posts
  9. Direct support for the author (consider it to be a donation with something in return!)
  10. Free GTD worksheets (worth $10)!
  11. It makes a wonderful gift for someone you want to introduce to GTD

Convinced? Purchase this wonderful ebook for yourself or as a gift for someone else right now!