I try to keep up with reading everything I possibly can about GTD. This is becoming increasingly difficult because these days it seems everybody and their mother is writing about GTD!

Much like my post “GTD Gems – Part 1” I want to present a few interesting GTD articles from the past 2 or 3 months, especially from some lesser known blogs.

I have hand-picked the list of GTD articles below for your reading pleasure. Have a nice weekend!

GTD Gems – Part 2

The GTD Resource Motherload: 100+ Links [Bootstrapper]

Setting up GTD Contexts… [Driven to Develop]

The GTD Habits: Part 1 [Organize IT]

Techie goes analog again: comparison of paper based planners [How to Be an Original]

When Your GTD System Crashes [Encoded Designs]

Five Steps to Get Back on the GTD Track [7P Productions]

When I do my Weekly Review – How I do my Weekly Review [Stuff for Getting Things Done]

The when and how of weekly reviews [Hack Your Day]

GTD: The weekly review [Proto-Scholar: From Student to Scholar]

Basic GTD [Unapologetic Genius]

2008: A revised GTD system [Lineage and Escape]

The GTD Starter Kit [sfp101: Stress-Free Productivity]

Practicing Simplified GTD [lifehacker.com]

My New Moleskine GTD System [The Creative GTDer]

12 Ways to Upgrade Your Weekly Review [lifehack.org]

GTD (Getting Things Done) Roundup – Time To Organize [makeuseof.com]

Getting Organized with Things [Nick DeNardis]

Getting Things Done: The Science behind Stress-Free Productivity (direct link to PDF) [Cogprints]

Getting Things Done (GTD), with David Allen himself (direct link to video) [Random Thoughts from Joel's World]

David Allen @ The Huffington Post [Stuff for Getting Things Done]

Paper vs Tablet: Why it matters for GTD [reasonablyhuman]

9 Great E-mail Tips [Stuff for Getting Things Done]

Stack model for productivity [PCC]

2008: The Year of the Killer Task Management App [View from the dock]

GTD reversed approach [Greywolf's Journal]

Most Overrated Productivity Strategy? (poll results) [lifehacker.com]

I’m trying something new with my email [I Am A Camera]

6 Productivity Tips to a Stress-Free Life [Litemind]