4 New GTD Apps on the Block


New GTD applications sometimes seem to be released on a daily basis. I can hardly keep up with adding all of them to my GTD Index! I certainly cannot find the time to properly test and review all of them.

So, for the curious: here is a quick list of 4 new GTD applications currently in various stages of development you may want to keep an eye on. If you’re looking for a new GTD application, that is… and aren’t we all? :)

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Big Thanks + Earn Cash


Update Sep 1, 2007: this promotion experiment has ended. Reviews of my site are welcome but there’s no money to be earned from it! Here is a list of all reviews.

Update Aug 17, 2007: In an attempt to make the experiment (earn cash in exchange for a review of my GTD site) more interesting, I’ve decided to change the amount of money that you can earn. Read here for more details. Please note that this post remains the main reference regarding other details and rules for the experiment!

Big Thanks

I sincerely hope that my faithful readers (you!) have noticed that I continue to add new content and new features to my GTD Blog as well as the GTD Index. Judging from the amount of subscribers to my RSS feed, a growing number of people is interested in what I have to offer.

I am getting very close to 1000 (subscribed) readers, a fact I’m really proud of and extremely thankful for. It is something I didn’t dare dream about when I started this site at the beginning of the year. So here’s a big, warm THANK YOU to all of you who keep returning to my site to read my articles about GTD and Productivity!

Earn Cash

To celebrate the occasion and to spread the word about my GTD site (I want to take it to the next level), I have decided to start an experiment. I am going to hand out cash! Yes, you heard that right. It’s not even just a (small) chance at getting cash, but an almost sure way to earn a couple of extra dollars!

Here’s the experiment: if you own a blog and you write an introduction or review about my GTD site, I will give you money for it, up to $50 (USD)!

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Weekend Wisdom [Aug 10, 2007]

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Even though you’ve come to know me on this blog as writing mostly about David Allen and his GTD methodology (I’m trying to keep this blog as GTD specific as possible), I am actually inspired by a lot of other great authors as well. This week’s edition of Weekend Wisdom features 4 of my favorite authors with 2 quotes from each of them. I hope their collective wisdom provides some interesting food for thought during your weekend. Enjoy your weekend!

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Effective Listening, Writing and Thinking


One irreversible and positive consequence of applying GTD to your life is the fundamental change in the way you listen to people, write down your notes and think about things in general.

This is not something you will notice right after getting started with GTD. It will take weeks, perhaps months, of discipline and practice with the core GTD principles.

David Allen states that two of the most important questions you can ask yourself about anything, are:
1. What is the successful outcome (of this project)?
2. What is the next action (the very next, physical step you can take to make progress on this project)?
Note that a project is not a project in the classical sense of the word but simply a multi-step action in GTD speak.

I’ve found that consistenly applying these two simple but powerful questions (and especially the answers to them!) combined with an acute awareness about how “stuff” is processed and organized into your GTD system, fundamentally alters the way you think, the way you listen, the way you write and perhaps even the way you read, for the better!

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18 Tricks to Instantly Improve your GTD System


I am constantly trying to become better at GTD. Blogging (and reading other blogs) has been one excellent way for me to do that. Thinking about how I did GTD in the very beginning and how I’m doing GTD right now, I have come up with no less than 18 tricks that I have successfully applied to my GTD system in order to make it more effective and more efficient. I have no doubt that these tricks will instantly improve your GTD system as well!

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Webshop: Best GTD Posts

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Update Feb 24, 2008: The Best Blog Posts Summer Edition 2007 is no longer for sale as it has been superseded by the Final Edition 2007, which contains all the best articles from 2007 and also free GTD worksheets! Links on this page are therefore redirected to the Final Edition 2007.

As of today my webshop with my Productivity/GTD related products is open!

My intention is to sell my own GTD related products such as templates (planner, ListPro, Excel, etc), ebooks, software tools and so on.

The very first product that may be purchased right now is an ebook (PDF) with my very best blog posts so far. I have hand picked 29 of my best blog posts and carefully crafted a 77 page ebook in PDF format.

Of course, all of these blog posts can be read right here on my GTD blog. However, consider the following advantages of purchasing the ebook:
* Read my best posts offline in one document
* Handy PDF document: portable and easily printable
* Most valuable posts hand picked by the author (me!)
* Three tables of content (chronological, alphabetical and by topic)
* Easy reference and backup
* Always access to these articles even if the online version would be gone somehow
* Internal and external (hyper)links are all working
* No ads in blog posts
* Bonus articles and resources (in future editions of this ebook)
* Final Edition 2007 of this ebook for free (normal price $25!)
* Direct support for the author

The current version of the ebook is called the 2007 Summer Edition and may be purchased for $15 (USD). The Final Edition for 2007 will be released in the beginning of 2008 and will be available for $25 (USD). However, the Final Edition will be completely free for people who purchased the Summer Edition (save $10!). It is expected that the Final Edition will contain bonus material and extra articles not featured on my GTD blog.

Buy my Best Blog Posts Summer Edition 2007 ebook right now!

Ask the Reader – Best GTD Tip? Plus: My Best GTD Tip


In the past I’ve asked you about your favorite ubiquitous capture tool and about the biggest leak in your GTD implementation.

Today I would like to ask you a more general question:

What is your best GTD tip?

I’m asking GTD newbies and GTD experts alike – please share your ultimate GTD tip with us!

Read on for my best GTD tip!

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Writing Everything Down? Find the Right Balance!


A couple of weeks ago, Geoff from Gearfire.net tagged me for an interesting discussion on writing everything down.

As a GTDer, I write a lot of things down, but even long before practicing GTD I was widely known for my extensive note-taking. I believe it is important and sometimes essential to write things down, but it’s equally important to determine for yourself what to write down and what NOT to write down. Always keep in mind WHY you are writing things down and WHAT you are going to do with it later.

In the rest of this post I will give you my proverbial 2 cents in this GTD debate.

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