My Weekly Review ChecklistUpdate Aug 29, 2007: a plain text version of the (example) weekly review checklist described in this blog post may be downloaded directly from here.

It’s no secret that the weekly review is my Achilles’ heel. In fact, I would bet anything that this is the case for many GTDers!

Fortunately, I have learned to do a daily mini-review of the essential components of my GTD system. For general, daily use I feel that my GTD system is up-to-date and ready for action. However, there is this nagging feeling I should spend more time reviewing my Projects and Someday/Maybe lists. I also feel I should spend more time above the 20,000 feet mark (in GTD speak).

In an attempt to be more strict and consistent about my weekly reviews, I recently sat down and revamped the checklist I am using for my weekly review. I thought it might be useful to share the current one with you, hoping it will provide some inspiration. At the same time I’m hoping to get your feedback about your weekly review checklist (if any)!

My Weekly Review ChecklistCurrently I have 19 major steps on my weekly review checklist. Some steps are very specific to my GTD system, so your mileage may vary.

Actually, steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 14 and 15 are typically part of my daily mini-review as well, so usually these do not require a lot of work during my weekly review. This saves a lot of time and ensures an up-to-date GTD system every single day!

If you look at the big picture, my current checklist forces me to collect every relevant piece of information from every digital and physical nook and cranny and put it into my physical in-basket. Any relevant thought that occurs during reviewing and pruning of my Projects and Someday/Maybe lists is also added to the in-basket.

I force myself to select at least 3 items from my Someday/Maybe list and transform them into real projects. This is useful to prevent your Someday/Maybe list from becoming an Unlikely/Never list!

After I’ve made sure to check and review every relevant list or other source of information and collected the results of this in my in-basket, it’s time to empty my inbox using standard GTD principles. I also take my time to make sure my Next Action list is lean and mean!

The last steps include cleaning and reorganizing my home office, reading some inspirational stuff while I have some quiet time for myself and then — very important — to reward myself for a job well done! This means I can play with the kids again or whatever I want to do with my free time.

I am still in the process of optimizing and perfecting this checklist to my specific needs. I want to add certain steps to ensure that I also spend time above the 20,000 feet mark.

What does your weekly review checklist look like? Any suggestions for improvement you would like to share with me?