Earn CashUpdate Sep 1, 2007: this promotion experiment has ended. Reviews of my site are welcome but there’s no money to be earned from it! Here is a list of all reviews.

About 1 week ago I started an experiment for 2 main reasons: to celebrate the fact that I’ve reached 1000 subscribers and to spread the word about my GTD site.

In short, the experiment was to reach out to my fellow bloggers and ask them to write an honest review about my site in exchange for cash. And it’s not even a contest, it’s a sure way to earn cash!

Guess how many responses I got? Exactly zero! So, I must be doing something wrong or every blogger out there is too busy or too rich to be interested in such an experiment. I wish I could find a way to extend the experiment to readers without a blog… I’m sorry!

Anyway, I’ve decided to give my little experiment one final chance. Let’s up the ante a little bit, shall we. My original blog post remains the main reference for this experiment concerning details and rules, etc. What I’ve changed is which blogger can earn what kind of money:

100 – 499 (RSS feed subscribers): $5 $7.50
500 – 999: $10 $15
1000 – 4999: $25 $30
5000 – 9999: $25 $40
10000+: $50 $70

A link back to your site is guaranteed as well. Good luck and don’t forget to read the rules first!