PingMe may be a useful service for those of you using a GTD system (perhaps paper-based) without suitable reminder functionality, especially when you are on the road.

Creating, receiving, sharing and renegotiating reminders (Pings) are all possible according to the PingMe website:

“PingMe takes a unique approach to keeping track of things you need to do – it’s mobile and interactive. Just create a Ping, set a date and you’ll receive a reminder by E-mail or TXT to your phone. Not a good time? Pings are interactive! Just reply to the message to reschedule for a later date or time. You can even create new Pings on-the-fly from your mobile device, or tag your Pings to create contextual to-do lists. Pings are also social! Our new contacts system allows you to share, send and receive pings with other users. Coordinate tasks and collaborate with friends, family, and colleagues while staying flexible and in-touch.”


To read more about this:

Let us know if and how you are able to successfully apply this to your current GTD system!