New GTD applications sometimes seem to be released on a daily basis. I can hardly keep up with adding all of them to my GTD Index! I certainly cannot find the time to properly test and review all of them.

So, for the curious: here is a quick list of 4 new GTD applications currently in various stages of development you may want to keep an eye on. If you’re looking for a new GTD application, that is… and aren’t we all? :)

1. TaskPaper from Hog Bay Software
For Mac. Free download and screenshots available. Not for sale yet.
According to the author: “TaskPaper is based on plain text files which offer you paper-like simplicity and ease of use.”

2. Things from CulturedCode
For Mac. Upcoming beta (subscribe to newsletter). Preliminary screenshots available.
According to the author: “Things is an ambitious project to create the easiest and most fun to use personal To-Do management application. Simplicity, however, will not be achieved at the expense of powerful features…”

3. ChunkyGTD from blog “Sytone’s Ramblings”
For Windows. C#.NET Open Source. Several pre-beta versions downloadable (not working on my computer though.)
According to the author: “I wanted a GTD app which was configurable and scriptable, so I wrote it my self!”

4. “Nameless” from Katrina Youngman
Web app (Ruby on Rails). First screenshot just published. Signup for a beta version.