Update Sep 1, 2007: this promotion experiment has ended. Reviews of my site are welcome but there’s no money to be earned from it! Here is a list of all reviews.

Update Aug 17, 2007: In an attempt to make the experiment (earn cash in exchange for a review of my GTD site) more interesting, I’ve decided to change the amount of money that you can earn. Read here for more details. Please note that this post remains the main reference regarding other details and rules for the experiment!

Big Thanks

I sincerely hope that my faithful readers (you!) have noticed that I continue to add new content and new features to my GTD Blog as well as the GTD Index. Judging from the amount of subscribers to my RSS feed, a growing number of people is interested in what I have to offer.

I am getting very close to 1000 (subscribed) readers, a fact I’m really proud of and extremely thankful for. It is something I didn’t dare dream about when I started this site at the beginning of the year. So here’s a big, warm THANK YOU to all of you who keep returning to my site to read my articles about GTD and Productivity!

Earn Cash

To celebrate the occasion and to spread the word about my GTD site (I want to take it to the next level), I have decided to start an experiment. I am going to hand out cash! Yes, you heard that right. It’s not even just a (small) chance at getting cash, but an almost sure way to earn a couple of extra dollars!

Here’s the experiment: if you own a blog and you write an introduction or review about my GTD site, I will give you money for it, up to $50 (USD)!

The actual amount that you can earn depends on the number of readers (which should be at least 100) subscribed to the RSS feed of your blog:
100 – 499 readers: $5
500 – 999 readers: $10
1000 – 9999 readers: $25
10000+ readers: $50
(these amounts have changed, see here for details)

Of course there are some rules. Read them carefully if you consider participating in my experiment.

- Publish a blog post with an honest and serious introduction or review about my GTD site
- Write about my GTD Blog as well as my GTD Index and add links to both of them
- Add a link to this post to ensure others will have a chance at earning cash as well
- Send an e-mail to me (gtd [at] marvelz [dot] com) to make sure I find your blog post
- Payments will be sent through PayPal only (be sure to include the correct PayPal account information in your e-mail)
- The experiment ends Sep 1, 2007 or when I’ve exhausted my budget
- The budget for this experiment is currently set at $250 (USD) but may be increased if I wish to do so
- The limit is one blog post per blog per person/company
- The blog post should be written in English and contain at least 250 words
- Your blog must be human edited and contain original content (this includes your blog post about my site)
- I must be able to check the number of subscribers to your RSS feed (e.g. via a Feedburner badge)
- The amount of cash you can earn will be determined by this number of subscribers at the time of publishing your post
- Entries will be judged and paid strictly as “first come, first serve” determined by the timestamp of the e-mail you send me after publishing your blog post
- After publishing and sending me an e-mail about it, you will be notified immediately by e-mail how much money you’ve earned or whether my budget limit has been reached (in which case you earn nothing unfortunately)
- The published blog post with the introduction or review about my site should stay (unaltered) on your blog for at least 6 months
- Changes to the rules or any other update will be added to this post (so, keep an eye on this post!)
- I may decide to increase the budget for the experiment or to extend the duration of the experiment at any time
- If you cannot or will not follow these rules then please don’t participate in this experiment!
- I reserve the right to reject any entry I want (e.g. sites with certain content, or a blog post with no real content)
- For any further questions, remarks or a simple check to see if the experiment is still going, e-mail me directly at gtd [at] marvelz [dot] com

After the experiment is over, I will publish a post on my blog with a summary of all the blog posts, so a link to your blog is guaranteed.

Come get that money now! Good luck and thanks in advance for taking the time to write a review about my site!