Update Feb 24, 2008: The Best Blog Posts Summer Edition 2007 is no longer for sale as it has been superseded by the Final Edition 2007, which contains all the best articles from 2007 and also free GTD worksheets! Links on this page are therefore redirected to the Final Edition 2007.

As of today my webshop with my Productivity/GTD related products is open!

My intention is to sell my own GTD related products such as templates (planner, ListPro, Excel, etc), ebooks, software tools and so on.

The very first product that may be purchased right now is an ebook (PDF) with my very best blog posts so far. I have hand picked 29 of my best blog posts and carefully crafted a 77 page ebook in PDF format.

Of course, all of these blog posts can be read right here on my GTD blog. However, consider the following advantages of purchasing the ebook:
* Read my best posts offline in one document
* Handy PDF document: portable and easily printable
* Most valuable posts hand picked by the author (me!)
* Three tables of content (chronological, alphabetical and by topic)
* Easy reference and backup
* Always access to these articles even if the online version would be gone somehow
* Internal and external (hyper)links are all working
* No ads in blog posts
* Bonus articles and resources (in future editions of this ebook)
* Final Edition 2007 of this ebook for free (normal price $25!)
* Direct support for the author

The current version of the ebook is called the 2007 Summer Edition and may be purchased for $15 (USD). The Final Edition for 2007 will be released in the beginning of 2008 and will be available for $25 (USD). However, the Final Edition will be completely free for people who purchased the Summer Edition (save $10!). It is expected that the Final Edition will contain bonus material and extra articles not featured on my GTD blog.

Buy my Best Blog Posts Summer Edition 2007 ebook right now!