In the past I’ve asked you about your favorite ubiquitous capture tool and about the biggest leak in your GTD implementation.

Today I would like to ask you a more general question:

What is your best GTD tip?

I’m asking GTD newbies and GTD experts alike – please share your ultimate GTD tip with us!

Read on for my best GTD tip!

My Best GTD Tip
My tip is two-fold: Simplify your GTD system and focus on doing!

Simplify your GTD system as much as possible. I have encountered so many people (including myself) with really complicated GTD setups. Remember that truly installing the good habit of applying GTD consistently in your personal and professional life is hard enough as it is. Any GTD system should be fast, easy and fun to use otherwise you won’t be able to keep using it consistently. Go back to basics whenever possible. At its core, GTD is basically creating and tracking lists after all. Remember that even the combination of a simple pen and paper forms an excellent list manager.

Ironically, actually doing things by practicing Getting Things Done still requires focus and discipline. It’s all too easy to get stuck in the first 4 phases of the GTD workflow (Collect, Process, Organize and Review) and to forget about the fifth phase (Doing). It’s equally easy to keep tweaking and tuning your GTD system, trying new tools, resorting and reviewing your lists, creating more projects and so on, instead of actually executing the actions on your lists! Simplifying your GTD system as much as possible should help you fight the urge to “play” with your setup. Always remember that getting more things done more effectively was the reason you’re using GTD in the first place!