As a GTDer and blogger I roam the internet frequently searching for interesting articles or doing research for blog posts. Today I was purging and clustering my list of bookmarks of interesting blog posts about GTD. The first four main categories are forming in this process and I thought it would be nice to share the highlights of each category with you.

The four categories in this post are:
* Starting with GTD
* Inspiring GTD setups
* Workflow diagrams
* Specific GTD tool reviews

GTD Gems

1. Starting with GTD
This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Fortunately this question has been addressed by many bloggers, including myself:
* GTD for Absolute Beginners
* 10 Simple Tips to Start Getting Things Done
* Getting started with “Getting Things Done” (classic)
* 21 links to start with GTD (collection)
* GTD Quick Start-up Guide
* Beginner’s Guide to GTD (collection)
* The Getting Things Done (GTD) FAQ

2. Inspiring GTD setups
Reading about (and especially seeing) other people’s GTD setup has always been inspiring to me. You can always learn something from what other GTDers do or don’t:
* Following the GTD Meme (large collection)
* GTD with ListPro (the heart of my own setup)
* How to Make a GTD System for About $20
* Org-Fu Überpost – Productivity Whitepaper
* My setup for GTD
* My GTD Implementation (Leo)
* Simplifying David Allen’s Complicated GTD Setup
* My GTD Implementation (Jason)

3. Workflow diagrams
There are many interesting GTD workflow diagrams and even desktop backgrounds. Some of these blog posts even include a detailed description of the GTD workflow:
* Workflow Diagram Advanced (DavidCo)
* GTD Cheatsheet: The Workflow
* My personal GTD workflow
* GTD Workflow – What to Do with What I Have
* 3 more GTD wallpapers!

4. Specific GTD tool reviews
This is the holy grail of GTD. Everybody is looking for the killer GTD app, online or offline. Here are some reviews of these GTD tools:
* Quick review of Nozbe
* Review of Tudumo GTD Software
* Mindmanager, an excellent GTD tool? Win free licenses!
* Digital GTD: A Review of the ‘Tracks’ Software
* Vitalist: When it is Vital to Get Things Done
* Nozbe: Starting to Get Things Done via the Web?
* Baby Wants New GTD App (growing list)

Where to go from here?
The lists above are not meant to be exhaustive; they are highlights of all the great posts and articles out there. In part 2 of this mini series I will list other categories for your reference.

If you want to keep up to date with all the great GTD blogs, sites, reviews and applications out there, I suggest paying frequent visits to my Ultimate Getting Things Done Index.