Having just written a post about how to find and fix leaks in your GTD system, I thought it might be interesting to tell you about my biggest leak and to ask you about your biggest leak! This “ask the reader” could even become a weekly feature… I find that I enjoy asking you a direct question to enhance the interactivity of this blog.

My biggest leak
The biggest leaks in my GTD system are undoubtedly in the last two stages of the five-stage method for managing workflow, namely in the Review and Do stages. I will highlight the biggest leak in my system.

Leak in Stage 4 – Reviewing: I review my GTD system frequently. Some lists are reviewed many times during the day. However, I’m having major problems getting the habit of a strict weekly review to stick. I feel I’m reviewing the most important parts of my GTD system regularly enough, but not in a consistent weekly session.
I am trying to fix this by literally blocking time in my calendar on Sunday for my weekly review and using a checklist for all the things I need to review. This includes: project support material, calendar, tickler, all my lists, mail, e-mail, client folders and so on.
I also try to be more critical about what goes on my someday/maybe list and to regularly pull items off this list and make them into real projects.

What is the biggest leak in your GTD system?
If you need help figuring this out, please refer to the list of questions in my previous post. Please leave an honest comment detailing the biggest leak in your GTD system and help us all with your approach on how to fix it!