In this post (and future posts) I will show you how to maximize productivity by combining GTD with other powerful time management techniques.

To really get things done in my personal and professional life, I am constantly and successfully applying the principles of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” methodology.

Whenever I can, I combine or enhance my GTD “framework” with other time management principles and techniques. One specific source of inspiration for this is Brian Tracy and his books about, for instance, success and productivity.

In this post (and upcoming posts) I will first share some principles and techniques that I learned from Brian Tracy. I will also discuss the power and effectiveness of combining these productivity techniques with GTD.

Today’s productivity tip: Make a decision.

Maximize Productivity: Make a Decision

Brian Tracy argues that one of the most effective productivity boosters is to make a clear decision to do something or to stop doing something. Either you do something, or you don’t. Make that decision right now and get started!

A lot of people (including me!) waste time and energy thinking about something you really should do, or you really should stop doing, or you really would like to achieve, et cetera. But they don’t make a clear decision either way!

Decisiveness requires self-discipline, practice and repetition to eventually become a habit. It’s worth the effort, because it will maximize your productivity and make you more successful in life.

Decisiveness as a second nature will make it easier to fight procrastination and to do what you should do when you should do it (whether you feel like it or not!).

GTD and decisiveness make a great team. The principles of GTD are great for clearing your head of “stuff” and creating a trusted system with all of your projects and next actions. However, it is all too easy to only think about your projects, to only think about the next action that you should be doing, or to only think about that wonderful item on your someday/maybe list.

Enhance your GTD system by practicing the habit of decisiveness. Make a decision about which project you should be working on. Make a decision about which project you will NOT be working on. Be decisive when it comes to transforming items from your someday/maybe list into a real project. Make that decision and get started!

I challenge you to make a decision in your life right now. Decide to be highly productive. Decide to be rich. Decide to be successful. Make a decision and go for it!