Del.icio.usAlmost straight from the start of this blog (Jan 1, 2007) I have added the possibility of tagging my blog posts on I thought it would be interesting to see which particular blog posts were tagged the most on (i.e. [arguably] the most popular posts on this blog) and to see whether it matches my site statistics from Google Analytics.

To start with the latter: yes, the top 7 most viewed articles according to Analytics are more or less also the ones that are tagged the most on

These are the top 7 most tagged blog posts:

  1. Implementing GTD with Excel (66 tags)
  2. 10 Simple Tips to Start Getting Things Done (33 tags)
  3. Common GTD pitfalls (part 1 of 2) (26 tags)
  4. GTD hack for pocket Moleskine infobook (22 tags)
  5. 5 Things you should realize about “Getting Things Done� (12 tags)
  6. 5 More GTD Pitfalls (11 tags)
  7. GTD with ListPro (10 tags)

Of course I use this information to figure out what you like to read about as I constantly try to improve the quality and content of my blog posts. If there is any specific productivity/GTD topic that you would like to read my thoughts about on this blog, then please leave a message in the comments section or e-mail me directly at gtd [at] marvelz [dot] com.

A couple of bonus statistics:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my faithful readers for reading and tagging my blog posts!