Speed Reading and Speed Listening


Speed Reading and Speed ListeningOver the years I have experienced great benefits from what is commonly known as Speed Reading and to a lesser extent what I have dubbed Speed Listening. I use both techniques frequently to boost my productivity and ever since I started doing GTD, I have incorporated these techniques into my GTD system to Get More Things Done.

This is not an in-depth article about Speed Reading and Speed Listening, but I will try to provide some practical information to get you started with these techniques. Remember, practice and discipline are required to make the most of them (just like GTD!).

Really applying the techniques described below, you will easily double your reading speed. For example, I can easily read David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done” in only a couple of hours. I was able to read the Da Vinci Code in less than 8 hours. And yes, I could even tell afterwards what is was about! ;)

Read on for an introduction to Speed Reading and Speed Listening!

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GTD with ListPro


Update Aug 07, 2007: I have created a new version of my ListPro GTD System. It includes lists for: Next Actions, Projects, Someday/Maybes, Tickler File, Reference System Index, Overview of GTD Workflow and Weekly Review Checklist. You can now purchase this Pro Version straight from my webshop. The free version (only Next Actions and Someday/Maybe list) is now available for download right here.

GTD with ListProEver since my employer provided me with a PDA (iPAQ hx2490b) I have been looking for the right software to make it useful as a mobile tool for Getting Things Done. Frequent readers of this blog know that I am not particularly fond of online GTD applications. They also know that my current GTD setup consists of Excel in combination with a PocketMod.

As a kind of experiment to make my GTD system ever more simple (while maintaining flexibility and portability) I have used Ilium Software ListPro for the last couple of weeks as a single tool for implementing GTD.

Read on to find out how I am trying to get back to the basics of Getting Things Done… GTD is all lists after all!

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