As many of you probably already know, I do not only write about GTD frequently on this blog, I also maintain The Ultimate Getting Things Done Index (also simply known as the GTD Index).

I highly recommend my GTD Index to GTD novices and GTD masters alike, because it always displays the most recent posts from all the major (and minor) GTD blogs out there. You will also find a huge list of online and offline software and even analog tools that will help you implement GTD.

Today I made some minor changes to the GTD Index. I have added 7 more GTD blogs and 3 GTD applications. These newly added items are distinguished from the rest by a big golden star next to it. So, at this moment the GTD Index features no less than 51 GTD blog feeds! I made a decision to separate the more active feeds from the less active feeds. This effectively puts blogs with frequently updated content (i.e. 28 of 51 blogs!) more prominently on the page.

Very regularly I get suggestions from visitors to the GTD Index to add a certain blog, web site or online/offline application. Usually I collect these suggestions and add them in bulk (as I did today). I do not have a very strict policy for adding a site, a blog or a specific application. However, I try to follow these rules:

  • The resource must be as GTD specific as possible
  • The GTD blog must have a specific GTD category
    (and corresponding feed!)
  • The GTD blog must publish a well-behaved RSS feed
  • The resource must contain sufficient original content
    (and is preferably updated frequently)

Stay up to date with the latest GTD news from 28 active GTD blogs and visit the GTD Index now!