My GTD Journey So FarIt has been close to 8 months now since I started David Allen’s Getting Things Done. Every day since then I have discovered and learned new things about GTD and productivity in general. Most of these experiences have been shared with my readers right here on this GTD blog.

I find it useful to reflect on what I have accomplished so far once in a while. Of course, this is true for every important step you take in your life.

As a side-effect, I think you may find this article useful as a sort of natural index to most of my previous posts on this blog!

Starting GTD
I started blogging about GTD exactly on the first day of this year. A couple of months before that I had stumbled upon David Allen and his GTD methodology for the very first time. Basically, I just got started with GTD head first. A few months later I wrote about 10 Simple Tips to Start Getting Things Done based upon my own experiences. I wish I had figured these out sooner!

Trying different GTD systems
From the very first day of implementing GTD, I have used, ditched and altered many GTD systems and tools. At first I used a small leather binder with index cards. This was a completely low tech GTD system. After that I created my own GTD system in Excel combined with PocketMods. This was a hybrid mid tech GTD system. Actually, that was the GTD system I have used for several months, before going completely high tech with my Windows Mobile PDA and ListPro software. In the mean time I contracted the Moleskine virus and I am still toying with the idea of going completely low tech again, just using a couple of Moleskines.

E-mail and other tools
So you see I have had a couple of evolutions (and revelations!) concerning the core components of my GTD system. The only components that remained more or less constant are the other tools of the trade like my tickler file and reference files. Sometimes other tools, like my mobile phone, find their way into my GTD system in a natural way.
Using the principles of GTD I was finally able to get to the final stage in the evolution of my e-mail setup. My e-mail inbox is always empty now.

There were also bumps and potholes in the road during my GTD journey of course. It is easy to fall off the GTD bandwagon and slip back into your old habits. I slowly started to realize that really Getting Things Done would take quite some time to do perfectly. A thorough review and cleanup of your entire GTD system can work miracles to speed up this process.

On the whole, I do feel more productive and I can see major differences in my former self and my current self because of embracing GTD. This also affects the way you look at other people and their habits. An invaluable lesson to become ever better at GTD is to keep informed about what other people write about it. But don’t take everything about GTD too seriously!

So far, GTD has brought much of the promised relaxed control. However, I still feel like I am far from black belt at this. I am struggling with my weekly review for instance. I still suffer from periods of procrastination.

I have decided to continue my GTD journey and see where it takes me. I am still very much inspired by David Allen (especially by his rare audio CDs “Getting Things Done… Fast!” which I was lucky enough to borrow from a close friend some time ago – highly recommended!). Hopefully you will continue to enjoy reading about my experiences with GTD!

I would love to hear about your GTD journey in the comments section…

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