10. You are convinced that you radiate relaxed control but your boss suggests that following a time management course might be a good idea!

9. The phrase “Mind like mud” describes your average state of mind better than “Mind like water”!

8. The last time the surface of your desk saw actual daylight was when it got moved into your office!

7. You frequently mutter to yourself: “I’m sure I put it in one of these stacks somewhere…”

6. People frequently say to you in a sarcastic tone of voice: “Are you sure you shouldn’t be writing it down this time?”

5. You smugly think to yourself that reusing that old table as a reference system and in-basket simultaneously was your smartest decision ever…

4. Your list of next actions contains items with creation dates that include the two letters “B.C.”

3. You don’t have the phrase “What’s the successful outcome?” tattooed on the back of your left hand and “What’s the next action?” on your right!

2. Your copy of David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done” looks, feels and smells brand new. In fact, it’s still shrink-wrapped…

1. You don’t even own a copy of “Getting Things Done”… Buying it is still on your Someday/Maybe list… D’oh!