Quick Note-taking Tip


Quick Note-taking TipSometimes I think that David Allen’s Getting Things Done action management methodology really feels natural to me, because so many of the things that David talks about I have already been doing for a long time. Getting “stuff” out of my head and on paper is something I have always done, but not as thoroughly and rigorously as I am doing now as a GTDer.

For instance, I’ve always been an extensive note-taking kind of person. Whenever I’m talking with a client – face to face or on the phone – I feel the need to take extensive notes. This doesn’t mean I write down everything that is being said literally, I merely write down just enough so I can recreate the entire conversation even years later if need be. The conversation was important enough to remember, but I do not want it to linger in my mind! Of course, now that I am an avid fan of GTD, I do not simply “archive” these notes in one of the stacks that used to live on my desk. No, I throw them in my in-basket and they get processed and organized just like anything else.

When I was learning GTD (and I still am!) it was really funny to hear David suggest something that I have been doing for as long as I remember. This actually happened to me many times while reading his books and listening to his seminar. And this finally brings me to my quick tip for today :) .

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Be Productive on Command


Be Productive on CommandIf you’re anything like me, you probably also suffer from procrastination once in a while. Deliberate procrastination on certain (low-value) tasks may be a good thing.

However, in my experience procrastination usually rears its ugly head when you are faced with important, complex tasks, especially when you haven’t yet given much thought to the successful outcome of it.

Sometimes I need to trick myself into a productive state of mind. Read on to find out what works for me and what will probably also work for you!

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5 Tips to Create More Time


5 Tips to Create More TimeDon’t you wish you had more time each day to do everything that needs to be done? Are you wondering how to do things more effectively each day so you can focus on the things that really matter?

From my own experience I have compiled a list of 5 main tips to create that extra bit of time each and every day. Combine these tips for maximum effect. In no particular order these 5 tips are: 1. Shift Working Hours, 2. Combine Activities, 3. Minimize Time-absorbing Habits, 4. Do Things Faster and 5. Be Prepared.

Read on for specific details and examples of each time-creating tip.

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Review of Tudumo GTD Software


TudumoSome time ago, a new offline GTD application for Windows called Tudumo was suggested to me on the GTD Index. Tudumo is still in beta and through its creator Richard Watson I was able to give this beta version a quick spin. I’m going to give you a quick overview of Tudumo and a list of pros and cons that I noticed while giving the program a try. Needless to say, there is no affiliation between Tudumo and me.

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Index Your Reference System


Index Your Reference SystemSome days ago I wrote about my GTD Journey so far. I guess I forgot to mention one Blinding Flash of the Obvious (as David Allen puts it). In the evolution of (the core of) my GTD system/tools, I feel like I have finally realized what it’s all about – as David says himself, you only need a good list manager that is fast, fun and easy to use. This list manager could be low tech, mid tech or high tech, that doesn’t really matter.

Currently I am using a high tech list manager, but I would feel equally comfortable with just plain pen and paper. And boy, have I been making lists lately! The power of making lists (other than your next action or projects list) has finally hit home for me.

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Know What You Are NOT Doing


Currently I’m reading David Allen’s second book “Ready for Anything”, which contains 52 productivity principles for work and life (as it says on the cover). I cannot help but think that if I had discovered David Allen’s work in the wrong order, I might have been put off by it. As it is, I am convinced that I have discovered his work in the right order, that is, first I read (or rather, devoured) his very first book “Getting Things Done”, second I listened to his seminar on audio CDs called “Getting Things Done… Fast!” and only now am I reading his second book.

First of all, I probably wouldn’t have been able to really comprehend what David is talking about in “Ready for Anything” if I hadn’t implemented and really used his “Getting Things Done” action management methodology for the past 8 months. Second, I probably wouldn’t have grasped the real depth of the 52 principles outlined in his second book, if I hadn’t had the pleasure of listening to his seminar.

I would like to share one of the principles with you and give you my experience and insight on it as well. By the way, expect more posts like this about some of the other 52 principles in the book.

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28 Active GTD Blogs


As many of you probably already know, I do not only write about GTD frequently on this blog, I also maintain The Ultimate Getting Things Done Index (also simply known as the GTD Index).

I highly recommend my GTD Index to GTD novices and GTD masters alike, because it always displays the most recent posts from all the major (and minor) GTD blogs out there. You will also find a huge list of online and offline software and even analog tools that will help you implement GTD.

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My GTD Journey So Far


My GTD Journey So FarIt has been close to 8 months now since I started David Allen’s Getting Things Done. Every day since then I have discovered and learned new things about GTD and productivity in general. Most of these experiences have been shared with my readers right here on this GTD blog.

I find it useful to reflect on what I have accomplished so far once in a while. Of course, this is true for every important step you take in your life.

As a side-effect, I think you may find this article useful as a sort of natural index to most of my previous posts on this blog!

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Zero Tolerance


I have noticed that my level of tolerance for some things in life has become very low since I really started getting into Getting Things Done. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about if you look at your own experiences with GTD (if any).

So what things am I talking about here? Read on and find out!

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Top 10 Signs You Are Not Really Getting Things Done


10. You are convinced that you radiate relaxed control but your boss suggests that following a time management course might be a good idea!

9. The phrase “Mind like mud” describes your average state of mind better than “Mind like water”!

8. The last time the surface of your desk saw actual daylight was when it got moved into your office!

7. You frequently mutter to yourself: “I’m sure I put it in one of these stacks somewhere…”

6. People frequently say to you in a sarcastic tone of voice: “Are you sure you shouldn’t be writing it down this time?”

5. You smugly think to yourself that reusing that old table as a reference system and in-basket simultaneously was your smartest decision ever…

4. Your list of next actions contains items with creation dates that include the two letters “B.C.”

3. You don’t have the phrase “What’s the successful outcome?” tattooed on the back of your left hand and “What’s the next action?” on your right!

2. Your copy of David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done” looks, feels and smells brand new. In fact, it’s still shrink-wrapped…

1. You don’t even own a copy of “Getting Things Done”… Buying it is still on your Someday/Maybe list… D’oh!

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