Spring Cleaning


Spring CleaningA couple of days ago I had to own up to the fact that I have been neglecting my weekly reviews recently. In fact, to be honest, I have noticed that some things have started slipping in my GTD system lately. My two desks are not as uncluttered as I would like them to be. The habit of creating stacks of miscellaneous papers and files rears its ugly head. My trays are filling up with “pending” stuff. At least I have been very strict in emptying my in-tray and tickler every single day. But worst of all, my lists of next actions, projects and someday/maybes are overflowing and quickly becoming incoherent.

In other words, time for a thorough spring cleaning of my GTD system!

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Mobile Phone as GTD Inbox


Mobile Phone as GTD InboxI have a thing for hi-tech gadgets. Over the years I have owned and used many desktop computers, laptops, PDAs, mobile phones and so on. A few years ago I was still convinced that my whole life could be organized with a single digital device (e.g. PDA). Even before discovering GTD, I already decided this was not going to work and I made a substantial -not radical- change towards analog tools. You may remember them: pen, pencil, paper? I’m sure you remember that I have been using a hybrid GTD system ever since; it still has a digital heart (Excel) but everything else is analog (Moleskine pocket diary, PocketMods, pen, tickler, archive).

Of course I still use computers daily, but my PDA is quickly gathering dust in the corner of my office. One digital device has remained constant in my life though: the mobile phone. Actually, it has become a seamless part of my GTD system… as a mobile GTD inbox!

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5 More GTD Pitfalls


5 More GTD PitfallsThis is part 2 of my previous post about Common GTD Pitfalls. In the first post I wrote about the following 4 common GTD pitfalls:

  • collecting and processing but not doing!
  • reviewing infrequently
  • playing with your system
  • keeping stuff out of your system

Read on for 5 more common GTD pitfalls!

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