Quick review NozbeI do like how GTD seems to really take off this year, not just judging by the amount of GTD blogs/sites (including my own!) but especially judging by the incredible amount of new GTD applications (online and offline alike) that seem to pop up daily!

I am also forever tweaking and tuning my own GTD setup. This seems to be inherent to the GTD process, though I’ve been sticking to the same hybrid GTD system for a few months now. However, I am happy to let new GTD tools inspire me so I can constantly optimize my own GTD system. I thought I’d give Nozbe a quick spin and let you know what I think about it!

I confess that deep down I am really a high-tech geek, so slick Web 2.0 applications do have a special place in my heart. However, you may have read on my blog here that regarding GTD I am really an analog guy (well, hybrid for now). Besides that, I have at least two general “problems” with online GTD applications (like Nozbe for instance):

  1. Portability – I need my GTD system everywhere, not just when I’m online (which is often, I admit ;) ).
  2. Security – I am really hesitant about putting my personal (sometimes private) and client related projects, next actions and so on on somebody else’s server.

Keeping this in the back of your mind, and realizing that it is just my 2 cents and really only a quick-and-dirty review, let me tell you what I think about Nozbe.

What I like about Nozbe

  • Simple, clear interface
  • General responsiveness, look-and-feel
  • The “star” system – tagging your next action in a project
  • The ability to mark a next action with the estimated amount of time required to finish it
  • The ability to focus on just your set of “real” next actions for all projects

What I do not like about Nozbe

  • No custom contexts (coming soon though)
  • Limit on number of projects (free version: 1 5; pro version: 100)
  • Next actions must be part of a project
  • No someday/maybe list (just a special context type, and must be bound to project)
  • No way to tag next actions as “waiting for” (just a special context type)
  • No visible way to sync with mobile gear
  • No obvious way to print your lists if need be
  • No way (?) to keep track of task/project creation and finished dates
  • Not possible to set your own default context; is always “Just do it”?

Nozbe is still in beta and new features like customized contexts seem very promising. The interface and responsiveness of Nozbe are very appealing to me. However, at this point in time I would not make Nozbe a vital part of my own GTD system, because of my personal requirements for any GTD system. That being said, I wonder if I will ever trust my GTD stuff to reside on somebody else’s server! ;)

Be sure to let me know what you think about Nozbe, and what makes it better/worse than other (online) GTD applications!