Search all GTD resources at once!Some of you may have noticed that I take my ongoing project “GTD Index” seriously, and that sometimes new features get added faster than you can blink your eyes! ;)

Determined to make the GTD Index as useful as possible and the ultimate starting point for all fellow GTD enthusiasts and professionals alike, and inspired by Andrew’s great idea to create a custom Google search engine, I decided to create a custom Google GTD Search Engine on the GTD Index as well.

Search all GTD resources at once!So there it is, in the sidebar of the GTD Index, ready to help you find that particular GTD blog post, or that specific GTD software feature, or maybe some discussion on David Allen’s forum. Basically it will search the entire content of each and every relevant GTD resource featured on the GTD Index!

Let me know if the search results are to your liking… I can always tweak and tune the GTD Search Engine further… enjoy!