Lately I have been putting a lot of time and effort into making the GTD Index even more useful and more interesting. By the way, if you are not familiar with the GTD Index then read my blog post about it or just visit the site.

I am constantly tweaking the layout and adding new functionality. The most recent new features include:

  • 50 Most Recent – This list resides in the sidebar and contains the 50 most recent Getting Things Done blog posts, using the same color coding as the other items on the page to show “freshness”.
  • Flickr Thumbnails – A short visual presentation of the 5 most recent Getting Things Done related pictures published on, residing in the sidebar as well.
  • Random Quote – Prominently featured at the top of the page, this new feature shows a random inspiring quote from the book by David Allen every time you open the Getting Things Done Index.

I hope you enjoy using the new features as much as I enjoyed creating them for you!

Warning: shameless plea ahead!

Considering the amount of bookmarks on (almost 600 now!) and the hundreds of visitors to the GTD Index every single day, I think the site has already been discovered by many GTD professionals and enthusiasts. However, in an effort to promote the GTD Index further and make more people aware of all the great GTD blog posts and GTD software out there, I am asking (more like a shameless plea really! :) ) each and every one – who finds the GTD Index useful – to:

Please Digg the GTD Index on!

Thank you so much if you have done so already or if you are going to do it now… future Getting Things Done “converts” will thank you for it! ;)