The GTD Index has been an interesting ongoing project so far, to say the least. I’m glad I’m using GTD rigorously because keeping up with my GTD blog, the GTD Index and the PD Index is very time consuming ;)

This morning I was looking at my GTD Index and I’m thinking to myself, “OK cool, this is starting to look like something many fellow GTD-ers are using and appreciating, but what else can I learn from this ongoing project?”

Then I realized that some preliminary results for the first 2 weeks in the life of the GTD Index may be deduced about the popularity of particular GTD blog entries and GTD software, simply by analyzing the numbers from Google Analytics.

So, just for fun and without any statistical foundation I present to you 3 lists of popular GTD items. Oh yeah, for some justification, this is measured over thousands of visitors to the GTD Index in the first 2 weeks of February 2007.

Please note: I do not specifically endorse any of these blogs or products. They just show up in the statistics of my site. The lists are given “as is” with no guarantee whatsoever. No conclusions, just facts.

3 Most Popular Blog Entries
1. zen habits – 3 Steps to a permanently clear desk
2. GTDrawings – Where have all the GTDrawings gone?
3. Juggling Sheep – 2 New GTD resources on the web
(but with others following closely)

3 Most Popular GTD Software (Offline)
1. Jello.Dashboard
2. Frictionless
3. Next Action
(but with others following closely)

3 Most Popular GTD Software (Online)
1. Gravity GTD
2. Simple GTD
3. iCommit
(but with others following closely)

I have noticed that there seems to be a strong preference for checking out the offline GTD software solutions instead of the online GTD software solutions. Again: no conclusions, just facts (perhaps this bias is simply caused by the order of appearance on the GTD Index).

And, as a bonus and purely subjective, these seem to be the:

3 Most Active GTD Blogs (in no particular order)

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