I just finished adding extra functionality to my ongoing project called the Ultimate Getting Things Done Index.

With one glance at the index page you can now quickly see which GTD blogs (or at least the GTD items on each blog) are either almost dead, merely existing, alive, or even sparkling with new items every day!

GTD blog items are color coded as follows:

  • red, bold: published less than 1 day ago;
  • black, bold: published less than 3 days ago;
  • black (normal): published less than 2 weeks ago;
  • light grey: published more than 2 weeks ago.

Any questions or suggestions about the GTD Index may be sent to gtdindex [at] marvelz [dot] com. Maybe you would like to see your GTD blog (feed) added to it (use the form at the bottom of the GTD index page)? Maybe you have a brilliant idea about new functionality for the index?

Let me know if you do, so we may all benefit from it!