We all know and love our pocket-sized Moleskines, whether it be ruled, squared or plain. It is -of course- possible to hack pocket (or large) Moleskine notebooks for use with GTD. See, for instance, this article on lifehack.org.

The drawback -to me at least- of these existing notebook GTD hacks is that you end up with lots of labels and tags sticking out of your elegant Moleskine, which I find rather awkward.

I’ve found a rather obvious solution which is pretty elegant nonetheless. Using nothing more than a standard pocket Moleskine infobook and a label writer, I have created the perfect GTD tool.

I started with a standard pocket Moleskine infobook which has 6 sections labeled: bed, food, people, sights and facilities. It also has an expandable inner pocket in the back.

Standard pocket Moleskine infobook

Using my Brother P-Touch 1280VP label writer with 12mm laminated black-on-white tape, I created 7 labels: next actions, waiting for, projects, someday/maybe, reference and inbox. Of course, any label writer with appropriate settings will do. The 6 sections in the infobook are relabeled to get the appropriate GTD function. The expandable inner pocket is dubbed my mobile inbox from now on. This is what the hacked infobook looks like:

GTD hack applied to infobook

The mobile GTD inbox looks like this:

Expandable inner pocket is now a mobile GTD inbox

Close-up of mobile GTD inbox

This highly compact and elegant GTD tool is now ready to assist you in getting things done!