Let me show you some of the tools I’m using at the moment to Get Things Done. Click on the photos to view a larger version.

Desk overview

The GTD tools on my desk (at home) are:

  • trays, top one is my physical in-basket (note that it’s empty! ;) )
  • paper planner/calendar 2007
  • Brother P-Touch 1280VP label writer (with 12mm laminated black-on-white tape)
  • pocketmods (one for next actions, projects, etc.; one for calendar and notes)
  • blue jetstream pen
  • Nokia phone (doubles as mobile in-basket by using voice memos)
  • cheap paper notebook for jotting down ideas/notes and dropping them into my in-basket
  • custom made tickler file

Desk close-up

Custom made tickler file

I have chosen to create my own portable tickler file. That means I usually carry it around with me in my bag. I want it to be simple, small and light. Basically, I’ve stapled a bunch of plastic folders (with tabs) together and added 31 folded sheets of colored A4 paper to represent the days in a month.

Large drawer with part of my reference files

Excel GTD system and pocketmods

Pocketmods and jetstream pen close-up

Pocketmod (closed) close-up

Pocketmod (open) close-up