Well, this is my first real entry into this blog about GTD. I have literally just finished setting up this blog about one hour ago. GTD (or, Getting Things Done for those who are not yet “in the know” ;) ) has kept me rather busy and intrigued the past couple of months and I have decided that it is time to share my experiences concerning GTD with you.

Looking back, it was actually digg.com that put me on the trail to GTD. Reading an article about GTDTiddlyWiki from October 26, 2006 I was triggered by the description “standalone mini-wiki”. You must know that I have always been very interested in and actively busy with productivity, time management and information management tools and methodologies.

Having absolutely no idea what GTD and/or TiddlyWiki meant -and still thinking it was indeed nothing more than a standalone wiki- I searched the internet for more information. Soon I discovered that a TiddlyWiki in itself is pretty useful and I played around with the concept for a while. After that I wandered the internet looking for more information about GTD -or Getting Things Done as I soon found out- and stumbled upon the name David Allen (of course!).

As always, knowing what to look for on the internet, it becomes easy to uncover a vast amount of relevant information. Very quickly then the action management methodology “Getting Things Done” by David Allen totally intrigued me and I was in fact surprised I had never heard about it before. Continuously looking for ways to learn more about time management or productivity or whatever you want to call it, can do that to you: “How is it possible I have never read or heard anything about GTD before?“… and, with the enthusiasm of a treasure hunter just having learned new information about the possible location of the Holy Grail: “Could this be what I have been looking for to get myself organized once and for all?

But, first things first, I had to get my hands on David Allen’s book; I just had to know every detail about GTD and I had to know right now! I bought his book and read it back-to-back (twice!) during the next few evenings.

And this is how my ongoing journey into GTD-land started about two months ago…